Check out these SeaTurtle Releases I was a part of with La Sirena Eco Adventures and Tortugueros Las Playitas. We released them from the beaches of Las Playitas just north of Todos Santos , Baja California Sur Mexico. They are Black and Olive Ridley SeaTurtles. Check the vid out!. Ira

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Check out this video I made on a cultural surf trip to Bali Indonesia with my friend Kalle Carranza, Diego Cadena, Magnum Martinez, and Otto Flores. Ira

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September 23rd

Uni Mexi Style

Hey all, on my most recent surf trip with friends, I found some Red Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) living on the reef that we were surfing. Considered to be a delicacy by the Japanese, Sea Urchin has become a very popular delicacy around the world. My friend Abrham (Todos Santeño Oyster diver) turned me onto the easy Mexi-Style way of prepping these spiny delights. I managed to pluck off 4 or 5 urchins to prep. I find that I dislike the sea urchin served in sushi bars but I love it fresh out of the shell. It also seems to give me instant energy and seems to be aphrodisiacal.

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September 2nd

Island Nopal

Ok this was funny, but serious. I have never seen such a spiny sensitive Nopal. I figure they must be edible due to having so many spines to protect them. BUT, I think you would die if you swallowed any of the micro super light spines with the ability to get airborne.
I made the mistake of trying to get a piece to transplant into my cactus garden. I realized soon enough that my hands and arms were covered with burning micro spines. Just then a gust of wind picked up and I witnessed the true potential danger these spines have. All the spines that were on my arms and on the cactus where I must have disturbed it became airborne and blew around and off in the wind. I ran leaving the cactus piece I had selected and quickly changed my mind about having that thing anywhere around my house. Had 1 of them blew into my eyes I woulda been in trouble. Spines in the eyes aint no good. STAY far away from these Nopal Cactus!! Any cactus with a nasty look should be left well alone. Ira

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One of the coolest fish in the sea. Check it out. Good eating too. Recipes to come…

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Well, we had been spear-fishing everyday for a week straight and I felt it time to catch some waves. While I was surfing I brought the Olympus stylus waterproof wonder camera and out of nowhere these amazing vintage Mexican air force planes gave us a flyby. I happen to know where this pilot kicks back after flights, and he deserves a thank you. PPPPPP….y nada mas….. As avid of a surfer/adventurist this pilot of the Mexican Air Force is, he deserves no less.

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April 8th


An amazing compilation of me and my friends fulfilling our life long dream of spear-fishing Bill-fish and open water Pelagic. After intensive mental and physical preparation we were able to pull this off. DO NOT ATTEMPT WITHOUT PROPER PROFESSIONAL TRAINING! Which is also obtainable by me.

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FISH PRINT: Gyotaku (gyo=fish, taku=rubbing) was invented in the early 1800′s in Japan by the fishermen to record their catch.

Pick your fish – The snapper has nice big scales, which will give great texture to the print so we will use it instead of the bigger grouper with small fine scales.

Tell your fish you love them – In harvesting such majestic animals we feel it necessary to pay our respects to the noble fish by giving it a real loving kiss. On the mouth.

Paint your fish – I use an acrylic black paint by Liquitex. The Japanese Originally used Sumi ink made from hardwood charcoal.

Make sure to paint the whole fish – Leave the eye unpainted and don’t forget to paint the fins!!

Cover the fish with a sheet – You will need a partner to pull cloth/sheet tight and carefully place on fish.

Pat down – Pat down cloth over whole fish carefully absorbing paint.

Pay attention to details – This means fins and teeth.

Raise cloth with Partner carefully – and you’ve got yourself a fish print. Hang to dry.

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Start telling fish tales, and make your friends believe you really caught the big one. Here’s some insider info: The classic fisherman’s trick to make your fish look like a possible world record!! Hold fish by the gill and hide your hand behind fish holding it closer to the camera in foreground. You will begin to notice how many fisherman use this trick to enhance the photo and apparent size of the fish.

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