September 23rd

Uni Mexi Style

Hey all, on my most recent surf trip with friends, I found some Red Sea Urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) living on the reef that we were surfing. Considered to be a delicacy by the Japanese, Sea Urchin has become a very popular delicacy around the world. My friend Abrham (Todos Santeño Oyster diver) turned me onto the easy Mexi-Style way of prepping these spiny delights. I managed to pluck off 4 or 5 urchins to prep. I find that I dislike the sea urchin served in sushi bars but I love it fresh out of the shell. It also seems to give me instant energy and seems to be aphrodisiacal.

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April 24th

Filet O’Fish

A quick demo on filleting a fish.

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April 16th

Coconut Ceviche

Once a long time ago, on an island in the South Pacific, I experienced a recipe which would bring great delight and flavor-full sensation to my mouth and to my gastronomical knowledge. The Tahitian Ceviche recipe with coco cream called “POUSSIN CRUE”.


Fresh Fish Filet (preferably white meat)

Ripe coconut meat (hard) 


Bell peppers (green, red, yellow)

Onion (white)





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March 30th

Ceviche de Ira

Welcome to a most perfect day… Wake up. Jimmy motivates. Spear-fishing’s on. And later, a perfect Ceviche recipe!!


fish filet






chile a su gusto
pepper a su gusto

Cut fish filet and onion into small pieces. Soak in lime juice for 2 hours at least. Make salsa from existing ingredients and mix with the lime juice cured filet and onion .

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